February 2022’s Regulatory Recap

February’s Regulatory Recap is now available.  February did not have many new or proposed regulations issued, but there was a lot of guidance documents issued from the CFPB and other regulatory agencies included in the Regulatory Recap.

Get On Our Audit Schedule Now

We are quickly filling up our audit schedule for 2022. While we are continuing to provide remote audits, we are happy to say that we are available to schedule on-site audits again.

CSG’s Auditing Team has experience in all areas of financial institutions. From ACH and Regulation B to Regulations X & Z and everything in-between, our auditors know what’s required to help make sure that your institution remains compliant. Learn more about our auditors on our About page, and see a list of audits that we currently provide here. Our list of audits is always growing, so if you don’t see something that you are looking for, please contact us.

Please be advised that CSG provides financial services compliance audit and consulting services to our clients.  The services that we provide include certain tasks that may be characterized as “law-related services” under Rule 5.7 of the Rules of Professional Conduct governing lawyers.  Since some of our employees are lawyers with an active bar license but are NOT engaged in the private practice of law, that Rule requires us to make disclosures clarifying that the services we perform may be law-related services, but they are not legal services.  Because they are not legal services, those services and our relationship will not be governed by the Rules of Professional Conduct that guide the client-lawyer relationship, such as rules applicable to privileged communications and prohibitions of conflicts of interest.  Notwithstanding this disclaimer, we will continue to govern our relationship with you using reasonable ethical and professional standards that are expected to meet your expectations.

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