Trust Services

We work to help meet your regulatory and legal obligations through consulting and auditing engagements by taking a proactive approach to understanding your trust institution’s risk profile, providing effective solutions in an efficient manner.  Our differentiator is that we don’t stop at providing advice – we are able to aid with implementation.  Our approach will allow your organization to mitigate trust compliance and regulatory risk.

Our Promise:

  • Quickly gain an understanding of your company’s auditing and consulting needs.
  • Provide high quality, customized information and solutions that fulfill your needs.
  • Provide a team of professionals that are highly skilled and experienced.
  • Provide cost-effective services by leveraging technology and implementing standardized processes.

Trust Services:

    • General Compliance Support:
      • Guidance related to rules, regulations, & laws
      • Regulatory monitoring, analysis, & alerts
    • Business Consulting:
      • Industry-wide best practices
      • Assistance with business plans, policies, procedures, marketing materials, disclosures, & forms
    • Risk Management Consulting:
      • Risk assessments
      • Regulatory remediation
    • Fiduciary Auditing:
        • Annual audits
        • Targeted audits