Complying with the Military Lending Act

The Military Lending Act (MLA), along with the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA), provides protections to our servicemembers.  Both of these Acts were developed to help ease the legal and financial burdens on servicemembers actively serving our country and allow them to focus on their duties. The MLA came as result of the Talent-Nelson Amendment to the John Warner Defense … Read More

Odd Ducks

While watching television this past weekend I was bombarded by commercials for insurance companies and medicines.  We may think that banking advertisements have too many disclosure requirements but these surpass us by far.  Of course, I had to get up and stand right next to the television to see the fine-print, and pause the commercials in order to have time … Read More

Where does your compliance fit?

In order to cut expenses, credit unions have merged jobs and duties to the point that Compliance may oversee, or be part of, other departments or business units.  This is akin to putting the kids in charge of the cookies.   In order to develop or provide services to members, the compliance function may take a back seat to the sales … Read More