WA DCU Bulletin B-17-14 Website Accessibility and Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act

On July 25, the DCU released Bulletin B-17-14, reminding credit unions that their website should be accessible to persons with disabilities.  This was probably from the DOJ changing the rule making priority status on “Nondiscrimination on the Bases of Disability; Accessibility of Web Information and Service of Public Accommodations” to inactive on its most recent priorities update. *  *  * … Read More

NCUA Stabilization Fund Proposed Closure

From the NCUA – NCUA Board seeks comment on Stabilization Fund Closure and Share Insurance Fund Normal Operating Level Credit union system stakeholders are invited to comment on NCUA’s proposed plan to close the Stabilization Fund in 2017. To facilitate the closure and ensure the Share Insurance Fund has sufficient equity to absorb potential losses on NCUA’s claims against the … Read More

W-2 and 1099-MISC Filing Dates Change

The Internal Revenue Service has published [82 FR 33441] final and temporary rules effective immediately affecting the due dates for submission of certain information returns. Among the changes are a new due date of January 31 for information returns in the W-2 series and Forms 1099-MISC. The changed deadlines are meant to reduce the IRS’s exposure to paying tax refunds early … Read More

Mandatory Arbitration Clauses

The CFPB has issued a new rule to ban companies from using mandatory arbitration clauses to deny consumers access to class action lawsuits. Companies that use mandatory arbitration clauses can make it financially impractical for the average consumer to sue, thus avoiding both the costs and potential court orders to cease the practices in question. The CFPB said its new rule … Read More

June 2017 Regulatory Recap

June’s recap is available at:  https://complianceservicesgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/LEGISLATIVE-UPDATE-June-2017.docx. Passwords to access the blog posts, and blog posts are only for NWCG owners and retained clients. These should not be shared outside of the credit union. Blog posts generally contain only a summary of any requirements, and do not represent all potential impact on the credit unions. For further details on any blog … Read More