FAQs on Changes to Regulation D

The Federal Reserve posted additional Q&As relating to their recent rule eliminating the six-per-month convenient withdrawal limitations on savings accounts. Savings Deposits Frequently Asked Questions What is the definition of a “savings deposit” in Regulation D? A “savings deposit” is a deposit or account, such as an account commonly known as a passbook savings account, a statement savings account, or … Read More

Interest Rate on Reserve Balance Requirements

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (“Board”) is amending Regulation D (Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions) to revise the rate of interest paid on balances maintained to satisfy reserve balance requirements (“IORR”) and the rate of interest paid on excess balances (“IOER”) maintained at Federal Reserve Banks by or on behalf of eligible institutions. The final amendments … Read More

Reserve Requirement – Regulation D

The Federal Reserve Board amended Regulation D (Reserve Requirements for Depository Institutions) to reflect annual indexing and the low reserve tranche for 2016. The new low reserve threshold will apply to the fourteen-day reserve maintenance period that begins January 21, 2016. For institutions that report deposit data weekly, this maintenance period corresponds to the fourteen-day computation period that begins December … Read More

Reserve Requirement Adjustment for Depository Institutions – Regulation D

>The Federal Reserve amended Regulation D to reflect the annual indexing of reserve requirements for 2016. Reserve Liability Reserve Requirement Net Transaction Accounts:   $0 to $15.2 million (from $14.5 million) 0% of amount   $15.2 million to $110.2 million (from $103.6 million) 3% of amount   Over $110.2 million $2,850,000 + 10% of the amount over $110.2 million Nonpersonal … Read More