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Some may argue that an audit is an audit is an audit. However, if you’ve utilized different internal and external auditors you’ll find there is a lot of diversity in: (1) the work that is performed; (2) the tools, technology and level of expertise utilized; (3) as well as the efficiencies and overhead expenses of the audit provider. These variables create a lot of diversity in the cost for such services. In order to keep audit costs low Compliance Services Group provides audits tailored to the needs of the financial institution. Compliance Services Group leverages technology to provide an automated and secure service, and employs auditors experienced in regulatory compliance for financial institutions.

Audit and Mortgage Servicing QC Team

Value Promise:

Cost is not the only value to the financial institution.  In order to provide the most value, Compliance Services Group promises to:

  • Quickly gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the financial institution’s businesses and operations
  • Provide audits that are well planned, organized and completed on a timely basis.
  • Provide an audit team that is highly skilled holding relevant compliance certifications.
  • Make recommendations for changes related to processes, procedures, and/or policies to better safeguard assets and improve control systems.
  • Control the financial institution’s fees by using the latest technology and auditing techniques to ensure work is technically adept, efficient and in step with the standards expected in current audit practices.

Our Audit Menu

We conduct many audits that are required or advised for the financial institution.  These include current hot topics such as consumer lending, BSA, UDAAP, and mortgage related audits.  Our list of audits is constantly increasing and if you do not see what you are looking for, we will work with the financial institution to provide additional or directed audits.

List Of Audits