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OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON – [August 10, 2017] – John Bley, President and CEO of Compliance Services Group, LLC fka NW Compliance Group, LLC (NWCG) is pleased to announce we are joining with nationally known compliance expert Cliff Cook and his group of experienced consultants at Compliance Services, Inc. (CSI). Effective August 1, 2017, the combined company is operating under the name Compliance Services Group, LLC and will focus on providing compliance and regulatory services to banks, credit unions, and non-depository institutions of all sizes.

NWCG was formed in 2012 by a group of Washington State credit unions with the goal of sharing the cost of regulatory burdens and gaining efficiencies in compliance management. CSI has been serving financial institutions since 1993 with an emphasis on compliance services for banks and non-depository financial institutions. The combined company will continue its national presence and serve banks, credit unions, and non-depository institutions by providing expertise in a variety of areas including consulting and auditing services across the spectrum of financial compliance matters, mortgage quality control reviews, Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering programs, commercial loan review, vendor management analysis, and fraud investigation. See our website at for more detail.

John Bley, Chief Executive Officer of the newly reorganized company, Compliance Services Group, LLC, stated, “We are thrilled to join forces with Cliff and his very fine staff at Compliance Services, Inc. We have a proven track record of serving financial institutions and with the addition of CSI, we will be able to provide additional programs and services critical to help ensure that our clients are operating in the soundest regulatory manner as possible.” Per Cliff Cook, President and Founder of CSI, “New regulations and changes to existing regulations happen on an almost daily basis, and the burden of compliance and risk management is overwhelming to many financial institutions and very expensive. Together, we will be able to help financial institutions manage the regulatory burden in a cost effective and beneficial manner.”

Please contact John Bley, President and CEO, Compliance Services Group, LLC for more information. Phone: 360.915.9992. Email:

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