2022 Exam Focus

DCU Bulletin B-22-02

2022 Exam Focus

The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions, Division of Credit Unions, released B-22-02 Initiatives and Exam Focus for 2022. The Bulletin describes the DCU’s current initiatives and what examiners will be looking for when conducting annual reviews of state-chartered credit unions during the year.

The DCU will use a hybrid approach to exams with some examiners working remotely and some working onsite at the credit unions. Examiners will be using the MERIT Exam Software for all exams.

As in previous years, examiners will focus on consumer compliance and information security and technology. Safety and Soundness Consumer Compliance Exams will focus on BSA, third-party relationships, FDPA, loss mitigation and foreclosure procedures, FCRA, and Regulation E. Stand-alone exams will include CMS and third-party due diligence, mortgage servicing and error resolution, loss mitigation policies, fair lending, Regulation E, UDAAP, and other areas as identified in the risk-based scoping. Overdraft procedures and NSF fees are called out in both the stand-alone and Safety and Soundness Regulation E exams.

Examiners encourage credit unions to complete the FFIEC Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Tool, the NCUA Automated Cybersecurity Assessment Tool, or a similar type of tool to help credit unions assess cybersecurity preparedness. Examiners will also review third-party risk management – especially third-parties that have access to PII.

Examiners will be focusing on declining net worth ratios. Examiners will be looking at credit unions’ strategic planning, business planning, and budgeting to address the increased deposits during the pandemic.

Additionally, credit risk will be included in the examinations. Examiners will be evaluating underwriting standards, credit risk-management, concentration, commercial lending, and the introduction of new credit products.

If you want help to ensure that your credit union’s consumer compliance meets the requirements, contact us. Our staff of consultants and auditors are here to help. Visit our website for more information.


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